December is a unique month. It means: 1) a rather predictable avalanche of work on my desk before year-end; 2) the city where I live plunges into complete darkness slightly after 4:00 p.m.; 3) I am always trapped in a surrealistic dichotomy of winding-down and shopping frenzies induced by the ultimate holiday season.

Long long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I was still an undergrad student, I was never sure whether doing internships from September to December was a good idea. As soon as my work-term stepped into December, my energy level just plummeted like the popularity of an unwelcome politician. With sentimental festive music playing everywhere and every shop in sight trying to out-decorate each other, it was just hard to feel motivated and stay focused. As if all I wanted was to stay home in front of the fireplace reading a page-turner. There used to be a time when I would feel a sudden and surreptitious surge of sadness and loneliness in me. I talked to my then-coworker, who took upon herself to be my advice columnist/therapist explaining to me that what I felt was perfectly seasonal: I was just feeling melancholic.

Of course, things improve with age. One can either sit idly or build one's own life with two bare hands; it's certainly a combination of luck and efforts. Having a balanced and positive outlook in life never hurts. At the very least, when luck chooses to present itself one day, it won't just turn around and leave in a hurry.

Two more weeks and this year will become history. December offers us a window to revisit any unfinished business, an opportunity to take stock of all the blessings and lessons learned over the past 12 months, and a springboard to dive into a new and prosperous year.    
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galaxy said...

Merry X'mas !

best actor said...

Merry Christmas and a joyous Happy New Year too!


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