Live '09 @ Orillia (Set List)

1 破曉 (2002版)
2 你是我的男人
3 芝加哥的故事
4 逃離鋼筋森林
5 情人的眼淚 (全新編曲)
6 薔薇之戀 (2008版 - 倫永亮結他伴奏)
7 沙沙的雨 (與倫永亮合唱)
8 歌詞 (倫永亮獨唱)
9 心仍是冷 (倫永亮獨唱)
10 此情只待成追憶 (與倫永亮合唱)

11 為你我受冷風吹 (2007版)
12 Love﹐Sandy Medley﹕聽說愛情回來過 / 影子情人 / 不愛的理由 / 這些那些 / 傷痕
13 至少還有你
14 Diva Medley﹕Diva / 天大地大 / 一分鐘都市﹐一分鐘戀愛

15 灰色 (2005版)
16 依然
17 愛上一個不回家的人 (2008版)

18 80s Medley﹕ Shout / Relax / People Are People / Girls Just Want To Have Fun / True* / Mickey* / Maneater* / Maniac / Everybody Wants To Rule The World (與倫永亮, Jackie and Rick 合唱)*
19 震撼

*thanks to chi for the corrections.


l@wbs said...

no <匆匆> this time, 難道 Rick Lau 今趟扮 Dick Lee 唱<Lover's Tears>...?
no <哭> either... well, shouldn't ask for more, rite ;]

Fun said...

震撼 again!!!!!!!!!!!

how come SL likes such a boring song so much ga le?!?!?!?!?!

Leo said...

Nice rundown! Just wonder was the 80s Medley fun or not?

best actor said...


i am ok that she didn't sing 匆匆 and 哭 this time cos she already followed a similar rundown last year in San Diego, which was largely based on Live 2007 in HK. as i MSNed you earlier, i am more than happy that she sang 依然. i got my sentimental fix, everything was like winning a lottery to me lah!


after the 80s medley, 震撼 succeeded the climax in a similar retro feel, she performed the number well and everyone was psyched!! :o)


the 80s Medley was the high point of the event, totally unexpected and crowd-pleasing. will talk some more when i get to that part of the evening shortly!


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