Cupid's Arrow

Ok, even though we have no specific plan to celebrate St. Valentine's Day this year (well we ended up going to see a flick and to a Japanese restaurant for dinner, kinda like any other weekend).....I confess, I still believe in the spirit and meaning of the day. I know this day has become a very inconvenient, if not painful, reminder of love and couplehood for those who may be lacking in the luck department currently. And yes, the day has also become a ridiculously commercial and consumeristic event. Nonetheless, this day may also bring hope and inspirations to the world, a simple notion that perhaps Cupid's arrow will one day grace your heart without any advance notice, and love is indeed worth celebrating in whichever way one wishes. Here are a few songs which I find quite à propos on this day. I hope they will warm your heart just the same.

This is a Beatles' timeless classic, which has been performed by countless singers and groups. This rendition is by British artist Lynden David Hall from the movie OST Love Actually. I like Hall's velvety voice and the ever-moving gospel choral arrangement. As if the world has become a sea of love, just take a plunge.

As many of you know, I was once a big fan of Ally McBeal. I remember listening to this song in the second season finale aired in 1998, and the song was very comforting and reassuring. Paul Williams and Jon Vezner appeared to have great insights to the hearts of the lonely. Though we've never met, haven't found him yet, but I know him by heart. Don't give up.

Canadian female vocalist Chantal Kreviazuk has a pure and powerful voice. I guess "feels like home" is the best way to describe something that is just... right.

Moulin Rouge may not have offered moviegoers the "happy ever after" ending that they were looking for, however, the movie was a superb tribute to all greater-than-life Bollywood love stories. I like this remix version of Come What May, and the very message remains.

How can we let St. V's Day go by without a good old sappy ballad from a boyband? Corny and cliché as it may sound, I do agree with the lyrics wholeheartedly. Every day. That's the secret to all long lasting relationships.


~ 阿力仕魂的竊竊私語
~ Wordy
~ 師奶愛美麗
~ 詩語記事本
~ Staaaaaar


Anonymous said...

I like "Feel Like Home" very much because of the movie. I also like Kate Hudson. She is the rare case of beautiful lady with small bust.

best actor said...

I guess you were referring to "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days"? It's uncanny that Matthew McConaughey can always find a leading role with the very same personality movie after movie?

JeThorpe said...

Yes, I like that movie. Simple but still funny. Um...I don't like Matthew a lot cos he is not so handsome (to me). Agree with you, he's always the same in personality in movie. So far, I only watched that of him. I watched "Brides War" of Kate Hudson last week. Okay for fun.
I haven't read all of your posts yet. Oh, you live in Canada?! Good to have a blog so to keep the communication with friends. Will visit again when I have time.

best actor said...

welcome back any time! :o)


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