Merry Christmas

It's Christmas again.

I used to feel melanholic during Advent when I was younger. A countdown that left me with zero motivation to work and brought out my obsession with sentimental, tacky Christmas music. 

Of course, something improves with age. Work and life have been keeping us rather occupied lately, we haven't had much time to wrap our minds around this holiday season until now, on the eve of Christmas.

Amongst all the holidays, I always like Christmas the most.  It's the last holiday before a year comes to an end. It offers us a precious opportunity to take stock of the ups and downs throughout the year past, count the small miracles and blessings bestowed upon us, and learn from the lasting lessons of our bittersweet trials and tribulations.  How often do we get a chance to do all of the above when we are so engrossed in the day-to-day treadmill during the year?  Not to mention all the feasting involved during the holiday season..... What's not to like about Christmas?

We just finished all our Christmas shopping yesterday. As usual, just in time delivery. After all is said and done, opening gifts with family and loved ones brings joy and satisfaction that is far beyond compare.

I hope to squeeze in a few more blog entries before 2011 arrives! 

Merry Christmas!        


naruto said...

merry christmas

Tat said...



星若 said...

相片很美麗。 聖誕快樂!!

best actor said...


hope you had a good one.


I know the decor is very festive, well, it's just an excuse to spice things up.

Well, hopefully, you'll find X'mas to be exciting again someday.


the photos were taken last year this time, this year, we haven't had any opportunities to take photos. let's see if we are lucky over the next week or so.

merry christmas everyone!

Haricot 微豆 said...

Joyeux Noël mon ami !!!

新鮮人 said...

聖誕快樂! ^-^

best actor said...


Joyeuse fetes a vous aussi monsieur!


Happy holidays!! :o)


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